These songs represent some of the variety of my tastes. I think one thing that unites many of them is a strong sense of melody and rhythm combined with virtuosity. I love improvised music and re-workings of pop tunes in other genres. As a sax player, I’m drawn to great horn sections. Down near the bottom of the list, you’ll find a few drum and bugle corps videos from a classic era of my favorite corps, the Blue Devils.

Be sure to check out the piano solo that starts at 1:39
Love how expressive Prince is – with voice and guitar. Check out “When Doves Cry” from the same album.
This tune is weird, but fun. Like nothing else you’ve heard. If it’s confusing at first, give it a chance.
The modern master of the recording studio, Collier’s pieces are technological masterpieces as well as musical ones.
James Brown’s sax player, out on his own, laying down the funk.
I saw these guys on campus in 1990 at UCLA, where I was attending film school.
Parliament, Pfunk, Parliament-Funkadelic. It’s all good.
Find the whole concert here.
This song might have been influential in my decision to go to California for graduate school.
I listen to this everything Thanksgiving morning while cooking.
I don’t want a pickle.
DJ Danger Mouse mixes Jay-Z and the Beatles
Lou Reed anchored the Velvet Underground. Nico’s haunting voice made this tune for me.
I have about 4 different versions of Sweet Jane recorded by about 4 different artists. Has to be one of my favorites.

Paper 2 Project Calendar

Homework due: Feb. 19 |

M. Feb. 17

Signal phrases, Parenthetical citation (using paragraph numbers), Works Cited, MLA-Style Name Block, Last Name and Page Number.

Homework due W. Feb. 19. Categorize each of these posts as ENG 123 and Homework.

  1. Create a blog post on your ePortfolio. Write 500 words about the role of music in your life. Consider a few of these questions to get you started:
    • Which musicians, bands, or songs do you listen to regularly?
    • Which musicians, bands, or songs mean the most to you? Why do they matter to you?
    • Which songs/lyrics inspire you?
    • Which musicians, bands, or songs do you have negative feelings about? Why?
    • Are there any musicians, bands, or songs you absolutely won’t listen to? Why?
    • What don’t older people understand about the music you like?
  2. Using Spotify or YouTube, make a playlist of at least 5 songs that you think I should listen to. Write a 150-200 word introduction to the playlist. Post a link to your playlist and your introduction onto a new blog post on your ePortfolio.

Peer Review Process

  1. Identify the purpose/function of the paragraph or section you’re commenting on.
  2. Evaluate it from the point of view of a reader. Is it the right function for that moment in the piece of writing? Does it fulfill the purpose or function well? Could a reader fully understand what the writer is trying to say without further assistance? Use the following ratings: EX | G | OK | NTG.
  3. Make specific suggestions on how to improve the paragraph or segment.
  4. Engage the ideas of the paragraph or segment by helping the writer think more about it: play devil’s advocate, help them see implications, suggest supporting, complicating or contradicting evidence that they should consider.
  5. Write an end note in which you help the writer prioritize revisions to make.

Don’t comment on grammar, spelling, or punctuation.

Peer review partners: Kyle Messenger – Danny Bloomer | Terry (Minghui) Sun – Tommy Slavin | Jesse Barber – Markel McKnight | Autumn Flagg – Jack Mahoney

Exchange drafts:

  1. Make a google doc version of your paper using your UNE Google account (login to google using your UNE credentials).
  2. Share your google doc version of your paper with your peer review partner and Eric.

What is Mental Illness?

Tonight the Center for Global Humanities hosts its first lecture of the spring semester at 6 p.m. at Innovation Hall on the UNE Portland Campus. Scholar Richard J. McNally will present “What Is Mental Illness?” Catch the 4:40 Intercampus Connector to arrive in Portland in time for the lecture .

McNally, who is a professor of psychology and the director of Clinical Training at Harvard University, will discuss the various controversies DSM-V ignited and propose a radical new way of conceptualizing psychopathology that promises to transform our understanding of mental illness.

A public reception will precede the lecture at 5 p.m. Good food and drinks will be served. For more information, visit:

Music Readings

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As many of you know, yesterday the late rapper XXXTentacion released his second posthumous album, featuring one track with blink-182 titled It's All Fading To Black. Unfortunately, this is not something I can endorse. Here's why. XXXTentacion was widely regarded as one of the most influential rappers of his musical scene, but off stage he was also facing multiple criminal charges, many of which for alleged violent offences. This is no minor detail that can easily be brushed off. Suffice it to consider what is perhaphs the most gruesome domestic violence incident he was supposedly involved in. In a January 2017 deposition, XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend detailed a pattern of violent behavior in her relationship with him, including him choking, punching, stomping, and threatening to murder her, and after one attack while she was pregnant, confiscating her phone and keeping her in a bedroom for two days to heal, until she managed to escape. In public, XXXTentacion had always forcefully denied the charges, but in a leaked audio he seemed to admit to abusing his girlfriend, stating "I started fucking her up because she made one mistake. And from there, the whole cycle went down. Now she's scared. That girl is scared for her life. Which I understand". The tape was considered a confession by both the prosecution and defense, but The Miami-Dade County state attorney’s office, which dropped the charges against XXXTentacion after he was killed, while acknowledging the confession, explained that the piece of evidence would likely not have been admissible at trial because it was recorded without knowledge or consent by the defendant. Under the rule of law, decisions by the judiciary must always be respected. In accordance with the result of the trial – or lack thereof – from a strictly legal point of view XXXTentacion cannot be considered a domestic abuser. But the audio's theoretically inadmissible status in court does not preclude its value. Given what his victim went through, both at his hands and at those of his most virulent fans, the vindication of her claims does in fact matter, even if solely as a moral victory. (More ⬇️)

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Project 1 Calendar

End at 8:16

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