These songs represent some of the variety of my tastes. I think one thing that unites many of them is a strong sense of melody and rhythm combined with virtuosity. I love improvised music and re-workings of pop tunes in other genres. As a sax player, I’m drawn to great horn sections. Down near the bottom of the list, you’ll find a few drum and bugle corps videos from a classic era of my favorite corps, the Blue Devils.

Be sure to check out the piano solo that starts at 1:39
Love how expressive Prince is – with voice and guitar. Check out “When Doves Cry” from the same album.
This tune is weird, but fun. Like nothing else you’ve heard. If it’s confusing at first, give it a chance.
The modern master of the bedroom recording studio, Collier’s pieces are technological masterpieces as well as musical ones. Be patient enough to get passed the opening chorale. The tune starts about 90 seconds in.
James Brown’s sax player, out on his own, laying down the funk.
I saw these guys on campus in 1990 at UCLA, where I was attending film school.
Parliament, Pfunk, Parliament-Funkadelic. It’s all good.
Find the whole concert here.
This song might have been influential in my decision to go to California for graduate school.
I listen to this everything Thanksgiving morning while cooking.
I don’t want a pickle.
DJ Danger Mouse mixes Jay-Z and the Beatles
This tune guaranteed a full dance floor at OOB High School
In college, I danced to this tune a lot.
Lou Reed anchored the Velvet Underground. Nico’s haunting voice made this tune for me.
I have about 4 different versions of Sweet Jane recorded by about 4 different artists. Has to be one of my favorites.
Postmodern Jukebox takes today’s songs and makes them sound like pop hits of the 20s, 30s and 40s.
I didn’t know who Radiohead was until after I already loved this version of their song. My son, Nick, turned me on to them.

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